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Metronome and Pitch Pipe MP3s

I have compiled a package that includes pitch pipe and tempo mp3s for the musicians cell phone or mp3 player. You can download the 1.5MB package here. Enjoy!

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Squirrel Drunk on Pumpkins

Check it out. This squirrel got drunk on fermented pumpkins. There is more info on the youtube page. Kudos to Katie. 4ikH9ZRcF2Q

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Well Hello 2008 and New Transcriptions

Its been another long break from the blog, due to infinite other interests in life. I may explain these later, but tonight is the last night of break, and I must get ready for my last semester of high school … Continue reading

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Explosm 11.06.2007

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No Posts for a Month and a Half!

It hurts doesn’t it? But I’m back…at least briefly. I’m on a mission to write an essay to send in with my applications to University of Central Florida and KU. The essay has to illustrate environment, culture, or family history … Continue reading

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Government: Week Seven Vocabulary: Creative Story

Here is something I had to make up to show understanding of some vocab words in government class. In the Scopes trial, where John Scopes’ teaching of Darwinian theory was questioned, the court with jurisdiction over the case submitted a … Continue reading

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Kan-Ed Backpack Is So Secure

Click it for the readable size! rofl. nuff said.

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Early Senior Year

Wow. My senior year has been wonderfully busy. And this good ol’ site of mine has gotten quite dry as a result. Best comic ever. Sorry for the messed up quality – click for more. Cyanide & Happiness @

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Youtube: Beatboxing flute, funny cats

This guy can totally beatbox and play Mario on a flute at the same time! And this is why I love kitties! These cats talk! More funny ones. I need to stop watching all these and find something useful to … Continue reading

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Reading Outweighs Writing

One week ago (Saturday) I was at Barnes and Noble, just hanging out looking for AP study books (for my two wonderful AP classes this school year). I ended up not getting any AP books because I wanted to find … Continue reading

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