Reading Outweighs Writing

One week ago (Saturday) I was at Barnes and Noble, just hanging out looking for AP study books (for my two wonderful AP classes this school year). I ended up not getting any AP books because I wanted to find out which publisher or brand would serve me best. However, on the bargain rack, while waiting in line with my girlfriend I randomly happened upon “The Evelyn Wood Speed-Reading and Learning Program.” I instantly said “Hey, I could really use this…my reading speed sucks…but will it really work?” I started the book and very quickly changed a few of my habits and doubled my reading speed! I finished the book (200pgs) in about four days, much faster than I generally read.

I did some research on the internet and found a program called “EyeQ” which is a series of visual exercises to workout your six sets of eye muscles and enhance your field of vision. There are also reading speed/comprehension tests and log pages, showing that I’ve more than doubled my speed using the program.

I then went to the library and picked up “Breakthrough Rapid Reading” which is more of a workbook to really help apply Evelyn Wood techniques. I have now more than tripled my speed after another four days of work! I must say I was skeptical of this whole thing at first but its really working.

This has all sparked a new interest for me in reading…which should also help with my AP Lit and Comp class. Boy, its exciting. So look up Evelyn Wood and rapid reading and whatever. Maybe you’ll be really glad…I know I am.

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2 Responses to Reading Outweighs Writing

  1. Cole says:


    you really are a much better person/student than I…

    … 🙁


  2. billy says:

    what he said ^

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