Explosm 11.06.2007

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  1. Heather says:


  2. Joel says:

    I was surprised that they brought that character back, but it was really funny.

  3. Raaje says:

    As social media bemecos an increasingly important evidentiary tool, courts would be wise to attribute more weight to the factor that measures commitment to and aptitude of the child for the requested education. Today, much collegiate energy is spent taking and posting pictures of one’s self ( selfies ), friends, and colleagues participating in keg stands, blunt rides, and conducting flabongoes in various locales and often compromising poses. A court confronting such evidence could hardly avoid the determination that such purported students are objectively idiots and do not warrant continued parental support, be it custodial or non. Indeed, based on such social media evidence, I would advocate increased judicial authority to order equitable relief in the form of, for example, forced military service, deportation, and a revival of the use of chain gangs for public works projects. Enjoining less-than-fully committed or apt students to perform these kinds of services surely would provide a greater societal benefit than the societal drag and generational lethargy that currently results from the meandering and extended college careers parents may be forced to support.

  4. "Hey Tan, I was over in England this weekend and tried to access this site from a public library and was astonished to find it blocked under the heading "hate site", lol!"I'm sure this is a naive and probably pointless question, but is there any acknowledgment or pushback in the mainstream English press (or society in general) against stuff like this? I mean banning sites like this at public library computers (!) is crossing another Rubicon on the way to a completely unfree society.

  5. We did 2 years of diapers at a laundromat and are now in an apartment with a shared washer. The apartment washer is actually more expensive than the laundromat was because we would go on the cheap day before. We just got a Wonder Wash and I now was a day's worth of diapers first thing in the morning. We use the combo wet/dry pail method as well. As far as I know, we can put the laundry on the railing, so I do that too.

  6. It’s great to work for a company that really cares and I know first hand how much effort Tyson puts into helping communities like the communities in Chicago. Thanks for all you do for people everywhere, not just Chicago. God Bless.

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  8. Mind nagyon Ilusos! Csodaszépek! Melcsi freebie-jével már alig várom, hogy alkothassak, nagyon jó lett! Látszik ki tanítgatja Å‘t :)))) Csak elÅ‘bb még a kötelezÅ‘t befejezem…

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