Government: Week Seven Vocabulary: Creative Story

Here is something I had to make up to show understanding of some vocab words in government class.

In the Scopes trial, where John Scopes’ teaching of Darwinian theory was questioned, the court with jurisdiction over the case submitted a certiorari, requesting records from the lower court that previously handled the case. Many people thought Darwinian Theory should be shown the same affirmative action, or priority, that slave had recently received regarding citizenship.

Some radicals protested Scopes by burning their babies at the stake in front of the courthouse. Soon after, the government made an ex post facto law banning burning babies, but could not charge the previously “innocent” perpetrators.

The officials that could not charge the baby burners were extremely frustrated. One of official who had gained his position through a lead gained by pork barrel legislation was so frustrated that he failed to see someone sleeping in the road, and ran his wagon over the sleeper. The official was arrested and charged with negligence for not showing enough care for others’ safety. In his case the official and his lawyer tried to offer the reason of frustration and obscure Scopes trial references as circumstantial evidence which backfired when the evidence and resulting inferred evidence was all debunked. The official lost his case and was sent to prison in Zimbabwe.

In Zimbabwe the official met the United States consul, who was looking after the U.S.’s interest in ivory products. The consul and the official fell in love and the consul broke the official out of prison. They later moved to Canada where they could legally pursue gay marriage, and were happily wed. The rest of that story is for another week government vocabulary.

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