The Grudge by Tool – Last 30 Seconds

The Grudge Ending.pdf

Rapunzel by Dave Matthews Band

Rapunzel Intro.pdf

Rapunzel by Dave Matthews Band – 0:00-2:10

Day of Daze by Atomship – 0:00-2:10

Fool to Think by Dave Matthews Band – Intro and Chorus Grooves

Eulogy by Tool – 6:35-6:45

The Sound of Muzak by Porcupine Tree – Intro Groove


As most of you know, I’m a huge drum and music nerd. What better way than to demonstrate this with a range of metronomic ringtones. Here are five I’ve made (using my wonderful Yamaha Clickstation), free for your ringing pleasure!

Sixteenths over Triplets at 30 BPM

Funky at 115 BPM

Triplets over Eighths at 160 BPM

Headache (DCI style) at 170 BPM

Sixteenths, Triplets, EVERYTHING at 300 BPM

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