Well Hello 2008 and New Transcriptions

Its been another long break from the blog, due to infinite other interests in life. I may explain these later, but tonight is the last night of break, and I must get ready for my last semester of high school that starts tomorrow. You may be surprised that I’ll be awakening at 5.45am to do a workout before going to school. Over the holiday, I have been reflecting on past holidays and how I’ve always said “Hey, I’m going to gain weight.” Well maybe this is the same, but its completely different in the way that I’ve done a thirty minute workout everyday for a week. Yes…in a weeks time, I have become dedicated to fitness and eating 3000 calories a day. I must gain weight, and I must do it now…else it shall never be accomplished. Procrastination doesn’t work when there isn’t a deadline.

I must point out that I bought a new all in one printer with earnings from drum lessons and Christmas monies. So here are some goods for those drummers out there:

New transcriptions are here:

    Dave Matthews Band – “Rapunzel” and “Fool to Think”
    Atomship – “Day of Daze”
    Tool – “Eulogy”
    Porcupine Tree – “Fear of a Blank Planet”

2008 is going to be an awesome year. I will graduate from high school, start college, move out, have more time for what I want to pursue and learn, etc, etc. Very exciting times indeed. Thanks for stopping by (I’ll be surprised if anyone really stops by much anymore). Keep checking back – updates happen eventually. 🙂

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6 Responses to Well Hello 2008 and New Transcriptions

  1. Cole Mickens says:

    “Procrastination doesn’t work when there isn’t a deadline.” Indeed.

    New Year’s Resolution eh? I applaud your ambition to awaken early to workout… let me know how (long) it goes. Are you working out at home with that program you’ve told me about. I’ve thought about getting up and going to Maximus each morning but I fall asleep afterwards so I think I’m gonna try to start some routine of going right after school taking a nap and doing my THREE classes worth of AP work…. You have more self discipline than I. 3000 calories a week isn’t that much though is it?

    huh, I’d always seen moneys, not monies, but they are both right I think 😛
    2008 rocks. A lot. A hellofa lot. 🙂 So have you pretty well settled on WU? No IndepStudies sucks like you wouldn’t believe… I fear who I may be in there with (which really isn’t very nice of me)…

    As for my blag (which I’ve updated a bit) I’m thinking about doing audio or video casting because I speak off the top of my head better than I write and I’m too lazy to proofread and edit… I know I would right more and there are really easy to use flash scripts to make audio files easy to listen to (well heck, you know, you use it for your drum samples).

    Anyway, I’ll talk to you tomorrow… during CALC!

  2. David says:

    Yeah, I’m using Yourself! Fitness…which I’ll probably write more about later. 3000 calories a DAY. lolz

    I have seen monies and said “wow, that is weird” so I thought I’d mess with other people.

    I will go to UCF if they offer a full ride (high improbable). Otherwise its Washburn.

    Since you talk better than you write, you should totally get that speech recognition software I messed with a while back – Naturally Speaking. That would be awesome for this type of thing!

  3. Cole Mickens says:

    3000 a day. Whoa. 😛
    _Only_ if it a free ride. What if it was (Full Ride – $1)

    Hm, yeah, at the same time it’s one of those emotional things too. Text doesn’t encompass my emotion and passion I have for the various subjects I write on…

    I’m gonna have to go look at Yourself! Fitness.

  4. Heather says:

    What hour do you have I.S. Cole? I have it 2nd and 4th and Mandy has it 6th. Unless we are some of the people you are afraid of having in there…

    David, I really hope your new fitness program works out for you! Does the fact that you’re getting up so early mean you’ll be going to bed sooner? Don’t you already go at like 9:00?

    Oh, and another awesome part of 2008 is that we get to vote!

    Speaking of starting school again, my friends at the Evil Empire only have one class each day. Why does our shool make you stay in when you don’t need the credit? I only have to finish my night English class to graduate, but I still have to take five other classes if I don’t want to graduate at semester. Grrrr.

  5. Cole Mickens says:

    I have it 6th hour. And no, I wasn’t referring to either you and Mandy 😛
    Oh crap, heck yes… voting… IOWA CAUCUS IS TOMORROW… I’m gonna be on the internet all day tracking the results!!!

    Only have one class a day? As in they only need that few of credits? That would be nice… but at the same time Universities would rather see me take a full load i’d imagine… I dunna though :/

    ( yay for blog spam, I’m gonna post my schedule on my blag/ facebook )

  6. Heather says:

    Speaking of the caucus, this article is fascinating: http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/01/03/iowa.caucuses.101/index.html

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