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My heart gets no rest My mind finds no answers To complete this test I roll about in agony Wondering which direction My lottery will align me I stare out of the window Into the deep bleak gray Ashamed that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Temptation

This morning I stood in my room and faced the seemingly simply decision of whether of not to open up my laptop or sit down with my Bible… I was feeling lustful since the time I awoke and knew no … Continue reading

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A victim of a traffic accident, Lays, clinging to the blue knitted wool hat in her hand. An image of low, thick fog bulging at her, imprinted in her mind, Right before she was flung onto the snow. This isn’t … Continue reading

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Some Writing from May 18, 2010

Oh God, I sit in a dark and dreary place Flattened by the challenges I am unable to face. I fear I am not the man you call me to be, That I fall completely short of your divine destiny … Continue reading

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My Fear of Becoming Passive

What is worse than becoming passive in your thoughts? Sometimes I feel like I’m slipping into less active thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I worry a lot whether or not I am who I once was – creative, exploring, intuitive, confident. … Continue reading

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I Will Never Be the Same

I haven’t publicly written much about being saved, but this week I really have felt convicted to do so. Here is an essay I just wrote about my conversion, though there are many other awesome aspects I didn’t even share… … Continue reading

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A Guide to Establish a Corps-Style High School Drumline

I have completed a guide with basic information on starting or reforming a drumline in the corps style drumline. This guide will help you lead your drumline towards technical excellence and a higher level of musicality. It is designed for … Continue reading

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Portfolio Video

Here is a video I made last fall as I was starting my music education degree.

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Smoothies, Favorites, Fitness

I should start logging the time I waste while drinking a smoothie and randomly perusing the web. Tonight I just happened to decide blogging while drinking a smoothie sounded reasonable. Here I am. Two years ago I wouldn’t touch a … Continue reading

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Metronome and Pitch Pipe MP3s

I have compiled a package that includes pitch pipe and tempo mp3s for the musicians cell phone or mp3 player. You can download the 1.5MB package here. Enjoy!

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