Some Writing from May 18, 2010

Oh God, I sit in a dark and dreary place
Flattened by the challenges I am unable to face.
I fear I am not the man you call me to be,
That I fall completely short of your divine destiny for me.

I look around and all I have is fear,
Depression, obstacles, barriers, tears.
Don’t let these overcome me,
For you are with me and will win the fight.

Christ you come into this mess to embrace me.
You lift every burden from my shoulders.
Hallelujah! I have a Savior!
The one who died just for me!

-David Wingerson

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2 Responses to Some Writing from May 18, 2010

  1. Kelly Wingerson says:

    David you need to read the poem I have written by your great grandmother–you get your writing skills from her(Agard)side of family, and your music from(Bowser)side. You are truly blessed! Keep up the awesome works!

  2. Nirwan says:

    I meant comparing the two etnetiis: wikipedia versus fiction. In my opinion, wikipedia, and going even further in general, the internet, is far, far more educational than fiction.They are two very different things – fiction books and wikipedia / other internet articles. Very different.: What is literature? Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Ernest Hemmingway… the list of important authors in the course of historyLiterature is books. Different books. Fiction books. The most important authors from the course of history… they are important for history, not for literature.Everyone has his own most important authors. The literature is art, not sciense.It is like music or anime or cinema, some songs or films are most important for you. And it is all completely individually.But literature differs from music or films in many ways.: What determines the work of Tolstoy to be literature and discriminates against Orson Scott Card (possibly my favorite science fiction author) ?I think that such division is stupid. Maybe Tolstoy wrote about something that is not important for you? Or not important for you now?I know many people that do not like Tolstoy and other classic books when they was young, but read it with pleasure after being 30 or 40 years old.It is normal.: nd if wikipedia doesn’t fulfill your desire to learn the world behind “War and Peace”, then you can go research further on the internet.Here is the point. You will be doing research about world behind the War an Peace. Not even about the novel. And of course not about ideas and meanings that Tolstoy want to told you.Fiction books are not about world or things or actions or scientific researches. They are about people. Fiction books told us about what people think and feel. About thoghts and emotions.People are very complex and various.And literature (fiction books) can teach us a lot about people.The War and Peace are not about war, not about peace. It is about people.And in very deed it is not about Natasha o Pier or other characters. It is about author, Tolstoy.In his book Tolstoy tries to tell you something about people. He tries to teach you something.May be you not need just this knowledge. But I think in all other hemospheres of knowledge is the same, your do not need all knowledge.All this things fit to other fiction books – it may be Orson Scott Card or may favorite Veronica Ivanova or Zelazny or any other books and authors.It is the basis of literature.

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