I start to sink in quicksand confusion
Fully aware of the life vest I’m wearing
The sand warms my bare feet with a haunting finality.
Will this suffocate me like they really say?

What if I embrace the slow descent
and find myself so drastically changed
That I cannot right myself again?
If I let go into the far-away darkness,
I’ll land somewhere I’ve never been before.
But will I finally really know?

I think of image.
Color upon color,
History upon brokenness.
These are things I think I control.
Yours is the mind I think I console.
To try and save us all.

But I’m also the only one that sees
Inside me as I slowly sink.
The sand slyly creeps upwards
Trying to silence this loud secret.

“These things you can’t control”
“These minds you can’t console”

“You need to grab hold of hope somehow.”

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