Beauty of God

A friend said recently that we tend to look to far for God, or that we try and find him in places or contexts we assume that he will be. This is unnecessary. God is everywhere. He is among us. Around us. And by his Holy Spirit, in us. We need not look far to see his beauty.

Lately, Carly and I have been rising early to take walks in our new neighborhood before running off to work. This is something we did a lot in Lubbock, the better part of an entire year. We cherished the time together, and it helped us start our mornings off right – prioritizing our marriage and talking through all sorts of plans and issues.

Now that we’re in a new home with a new career, its been very hard to connect with God. I realized that if we could just turn our eyes toward God in our daily routines, we could find ourselves much closer to him. Those squirrels chasing each other up and down tree trunks…they’re having fun because God made them and allows them to do that. The refreshing fall breeze, cold and crisp in our lungs…that’s by His design so we might breathe in life.

Romans 1 says that God’s existence has been made evident in the history of creation, that is, everything. As many composers have quoted “The Heavens are declaring the Glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). While we can look to the natural world around us and not necessarily immediately understand that God exists and loves us, we can take our knowledge of the historical God, the historical Jesus, and the church, and see that every truth becomes truer in God. Indeed, God’s work in the world is evident in so many ways.

I’m thankful that I get the pleasure of morning walks. I get the pleasure of comfort, a wonderful wife, a rewarding career, sincere friends, loving family, and downright goofy fun. God in His goodness, beautifully ordains all this for his Glory and so that we might trust him more and more.

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