Ahhh summer…I can breathe!
Time for some!

Haha – I love those. Go check out more for yourself until I figure out something good to write about!

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  1. Heather says:

    Happy summer, David!!! We made it! Only one more year to go…

  2. Pretty says:

    You are the sweetest guy, Keith. Always have sonimhetg nice to say and you’re so supportive. Just want to say how much I appreciate you!Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be seeing you on your blog, too.

  3. By 16. Oktober 2012 – 12:15Ãœber achtundvierzig ecken bin ich hie auf dieser Website gelandet und bin gleichzeitig begeistert und amüsiert. Wie schön, daß es eben doch eine Welt abseits von Algorithmen und streng physikalisch-mathematischem Determinismus gibt. Weiter so!

  4. re: “It is the low socio-economic level issue that results in crime, not the race.” GrifterRun to your closest library and get a copy of John R. Baker’s RACE, 1974. Read about the Blacks there, especially comments by historical figures on the subject of Blacks. It is a hoot.BTW sport, does “the low socio-economic level issue” explain Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff?Dan Kurt

  5. “WHY NOT”. Truly. You got my day off to a humorous and thoughtful start. Bob, have a safe trip to Timaru, and lovely weekend amongst family and friends.Rangimarie,Robb

  6. I have a ton of my sons toys in my car and some days, one of them will randomly turn on by itself 0.o I still double check to make sure I don’t have a gremlin in my car.

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