Linux: Stuck

Cole sent me an interesting article the other day, regarding Microsoft as a company, bullying, lying, and cheating to dominate the industry. So, I’ve been comtemplating Linux for a while, but kept running into the problem that my music notation software, Finale 2006, doesn’t run on Linux. Luckily, Cole tracked down a program or something for Linux that will let me run it. So now I’m ready to go.

We already tried Ubuntu, and it hated my nice, new, shiny laptop. It didn’t want to support my wireless card or widescreen. So, now we’re in the middle of trying Slackware, still Linux, but a different sort of package. Its supposed to support my laptop, but we’re running into a couple errors that we need to research. It may turn out that Linux completely and utterly dislikes my laptop, and I’ll have to wait another month or two for a release of something, that supports my beautiful laptop. Argh! Stuck with Windows!!!!! ahhhhH!!!!

Till next time: (this is a wierd word(s)):

sine qua non: an indispensable thing

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