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Metronome Ringtones

I just got finished adding a ringtones page. Right now they’re just metronome ones…which are always fun! Check ’em out!

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Happy Father’s Day, Drums and College

A big old happy Father’s Day to all you out there…especially those of you that are fathers! So I’ve been really interested transcribing music lately. This isn’t in the sense of transcribing things from guitar to piano, but in the … Continue reading

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The Grudge (by Tool) – Closing Drum Solo

This is the last thirty seconds of The Grudge by Tool…which pretty much the drum set solo of the song. I first transcribed it…and have now made a video. Let me know what you think! 5VO2ox0M37k

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Clip of the Day – Diamond

Here is my attempt at Dennis Camber’s little bass drum show groove: Diamond. [audio:/clipoftheday/june112007diamond.mp3]

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New Theme and Spectral Harmony

Like the new look? Check out “Spectral Harmony.” It’s the new little project that Kyle, James and I are starting. I don’t know what we might or might not accomplish, but we had a lot of fun jamming today.

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New Candence: “Drops”

Here is my latest cadence…hot off the press. I just spent about 3 hours writing it! [audio:/cadences/Drops.mp3] Let me know if you want the music for it. Also, I’d appreciate feedback too!

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YES! I’m excited! This is a video I took today of the solo I’m taking to regional and state competition in mid-April. It’s Tribute by Jeff Queen (he is great!). R77YVapwEiA Any critiques (especially from drummers) would be helpful. Otherwise … Continue reading

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The big world must be awfully concerned about me…I haven’t made an intelligent post in a few weeks. Well, I’ve got the drum-sickness, the spring-bug, and a whole lot of a other goodies on my plate right now. Most of … Continue reading

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Drum Transcription – The Grudge

The Grudge by Tool is one of the top studio rock drumming performances ever recorded. Here is the ever-baffling last 30 seconds of Danny Carey’s awesome drumming in The Grudge. PDF Download Tool – The Grudge (closing passage)

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Talent Show Drum Video

Alright alright. Its been a while since a video or video opportunity. Here I am am the school talent show on Sat. Feb 17th 2007. Please excuse the terrible quality 🙂 Maybe I’ll get something better up eventually (if I … Continue reading

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