Talent Show Drum Video

Alright alright. Its been a while since a video or video opportunity. Here I am am the school talent show on Sat. Feb 17th 2007. Please excuse the terrible quality 🙂 Maybe I’ll get something better up eventually (if I can get a DVD burned from the VHS we also taped).


Let me know what you think!

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4 Responses to Talent Show Drum Video

  1. ATG says:

    Smokin’ solo. A really nice blend of musicality and power. Reminds me of what one might get if you crossed Walfredo Reyes with Neil Peart. Hmmm…maybe you’re the next Terry Bozzio. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Heather says:

    It was superb! What a great opening act! I’ll have to tell my parents to come by and watch the video. You’re the first person they asked about when dad picked me up. Then Rose, then Taryn. But yes- amazing!!! And the same for your band!!!

  3. Rod & Dakota Zinn says:

    That was awesome! I wish we could have been there. I am sure it is even more impressive in person. I liked the water break.

    Good sticking, so they say. What is your next step. The Kansas City Philharmonic?

    Great Job David.

    Rod & Dak

  4. Sadan says:

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