The Sermon is Coming; KU Marching Camp

Alright, two this are contained in this post. I don’t want to diminish the large significance of the sermon aspect, but multiple things happen at once in life. 🙂


(First make sure you are all read up on My Whole God Story)
Sorry I’ve been slow in posting anything about this. I’m actually waiting for the text of this past Sunday’s sermon to be posted on my church website, so I can grab it and stick it up here. I really think it was something VERY significant for me to hear, and I will also be able to get the mp3 audio of the sermon, so you’ll be able to read and listen altogether for greater effect. Thanks again for the vast amount of response I’ve already gotten on this. It means something to me to see that. Thanks. 🙂

KU Marching Camp

Sunday afternoon I got a call from a music pal “Hey, want to come and be a part of this ($300) marching camp at KU this week for free? They really need percussionists…” What an opportunity! That is why I haven’t been around much the past two days, and will be pretty busy through Thursday. I get must be to Lawrence by 7.30am and don’t get home till 9.30pm every night (this way I don’t have to pay for room and board). The camp is REALLY great, because its all about leadership with a little bit of music technique…something I haven’t really done before. Usually I participate in music technique focused camps. I personally think I am a good leader, and this camp is really helping enforce things. Hopefully it will help me to be better than expected when my duties as drumline section leader roll around in a few weeks! It’s pretty exciting. Here is a link to the guy that is our clinician for the week…he is pretty great!

Also, the camp has really given me a chance to get my mind off of God a little bit (no offense). But it was really getting to my head and getting me pretty down, so the camp is awesome! I’m so grateful for the opportunity, when I could have been sitting on my butt all week!

I will get that sermon up by Tuesday night. Good night.

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