If I Don’t Seem to Exist…

…I have been home during the day a total of 5 hours this entire week! This summer has been so busy, but really fun.

I explained a few days ago about getting to go to the KU Marching Camp…what a great experience! I learned a TON of stuff about leadership and being a good teacher and person and everything. There were a lot of really great lessons learned, even though at times (definitely not the majority of time) it was hot, the work was hard and the morale was of general despair. I also worked up a nice suntan/burn.

On Friday morning, my parents and I got up and drove four hours to my cousins’ new house, out in farm country. They just finished building it and it’s extremely nice. It’s very spacious (unlike our house), finished in the old farm house style, and set on 80 beautiful acres. One of the chores on the land is keeping rabbits from eating young trees. So at 6.30am this morning, my uncle and I got out of bed, grabbed his .22, and went of hunting rabbits (“Be very very quiet” -Elmer Fudd). My uncle said he gets one every morning, and usually sees a few. This morning, we walked around all the land twice, and saw about 10 rabbits. My uncle got the first one: a really stupid one that continued to sniff around the ground even after my uncle shot and missed him twice (we were pretty far away). The next couple I took shots at and we think I nicked each of them, somewhat injuring them, because they hopped off at not-quite-full-speed. The one I shot was a really easy one from about 10 or 15 feet after he hopped out of some tall grass right in front of us. Anyway, it isn’t like I enjoy killing living creatures, but my uncle has to take care of them because of the trees.

I have one night’s rest in my own bed tonight and then go to Total Percussion Camp at Washburn University tomorrow. This is by far my favorite camp of the summer, or at least it has been for the past two years…obviously because it’s all drums. Our clinician this year is Jeff Moore, a professor from the University of Central Florida that is an awesome percussion educator. Exciting, exciting!

After percussion camp I’ll be home for four days, during which I’ll probably be house sitting again, before I head off for my church trip to England! Directly following that will be marching band marathons, then a week or so off, then school starts! I’m excited for it all. I’ll post more about that future stuff later. For now, I’ll be away at percussion camp. Have a great week!

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8 Responses to If I Don’t Seem to Exist…

  1. Magi says:

    Jeff Moore…I’ve seen that name in a Pro-Mark catalog.

    So Katie and I’s computer basically crashed a few weeks ago, so we took it to the sunflower geeks to get it fixed. I have firefox now thanks to the dude who fixed our computer (he even recovered all of our iTunes stuff!). so you’ll be excited about that.

    cough cough NERD cough.

  2. billy says:

    you gonna be back before the 25th?

  3. Maggie says:

    Hey…we leave tomorrow for choir camp…we’re driving to Pennsylvania this year…HP7 audiobook, ya!!
    Have a fantastic time in Canterbury. It’s so cool to actually be in there, you have no idea…yet 😉

  4. Katie says:

    ditto maggie…see you when you get back, don’t jump out of the plane, and, um, eat some fishnchips or rabbit pie. yeah. that’s all. 🙂 -katie

  5. Umaralipk says:

    Gail, I meant to say thank you so much for having us at pldtaaye when we were in Santa Rosa. We are planning a trip back to visit at the end of the month and Justin wants to take that monday off work to stay in Santa Rosa for an extra day and come to pldtaaye! Gianna is sitting alone now and getting a lot more interested in moving around so it should be fun!!! We can’t wait.Love,JessicaPS The ticktock song solves all problems!!!

  6. Found you through the gal at glossedover.com. What a creepy website and yet, tempting. LOL I love your site. Would love to crosslink with you if that is okay.

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