Reload and PCMCIA Card Reader

Just finished up reloading my laptop. Boy, it gets so much easier and faster with every time I do it. I finally got rid of my dormant Linux partition…since I don’t see myself wanting that again in the near future. This may be useless information, but since it’s summer and I’m bored, I’m going to make a list of everything I installed this time. Everything is freeware except the starred items:

    Windows XP (clean OEM) *
    AVG 7.5 Free (mal-ware protection)
    Bit Che (torrent searcher)
    CDBurnerXP Pro 3
    CutePDF (pdf creator)
    Daemon Tools (disc image stuff)
    DivX and XVid Codecs
    Finale 2006 (music composition) *
    Microsoft Office 2007 *
    Picasa2 (Google’s picture manager)
    UltraVNC Viewer
    Audacity (audio recording)
    Windows Media Player 11
    Foldershare (file sync utility)

In my opinion those are all the greatest pieces of software in their fields. Along with 40 gigs of music, pictures, and other documents, there remains a comfortable 26 gigs of free space. Any questions? Whatever, I can’t imagine anyone honestly caring what I do with my computer. 🙂

In addition, my new Olympus xD PCMCIA card reader came in the mail today. It’s just a card that gives me a built in card reader in the side of my laptop…saves a lot of hassle with extra cables and camera software by completely bypassing the camera when transferring stuff onto the computer. TIP – The reader would of cost $50 new, but I got a factory refurbished one through Olympus on eBay…I won the auction for $2… 96% off the original price!

So yeah, those have been my ventures in the technology world today! Have a good one!

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2 Responses to Reload and PCMCIA Card Reader

  1. Cole Mickens says:

    I want to see this amazing card reader…

  2. Joel says:

    Audacity is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

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