Reinstatement; Harry the Potter; House-sit

I have decided it is time to reinstate my dedication to this blog. I was surfing…stumbling around the internet today and ran across a lot of cool blogs…thus inspiring me. I’ve decided I’m going to stop trying to please everyone that ever glances their eyes across this place, and write more for myself and the sake of writing. So, maybe I’ll try adding one post daily (at least…to start…or restart I should say). Maybe I’ll have a contest with my self to see how useless of information I can grace my readers with. We’ll see.

So, for today: I’m just about to read and go to bed. I am currently reading Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. If I hadn’t mentioned it before, I’m reading THE WHOLE Harry Potter series again to prepare for the 7th and final book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which comes out on the 21st of July (I think). I started sometime around March or April and I’ve already read the first five. Right now I am almost halfway through the sixth one. So, I’ll probably finish that up really quick, and be sitting around waiting for numero 7, wishing I would have read the first 6 slower, so I wouldn’t be waiting so long…but then…ahh nevermind. (Is this stuff pointless enough to actually catch people’s attention?)

I have a house-sitting job, starting tomorrow (Thursday) night and running through Sunday afternoon. I’ve got two little nice doggies to get outside, feed, play with, etc everyday, along with newspapers to pick up, and security to ensure. It should be a good experience…I’ll see how it is to be kind of running a home for a few days. It’s actually really nice in the way that I’ll have wireless internet and a big screen projector. Yeah I’m going to be tech-ing out a little bit 🙂

Well, time to read Harry the Potter and get to sleep. I must sleep off this semi-sinus-infection I’ve been fighting for four days. G’night.

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2 Responses to Reinstatement; Harry the Potter; House-sit

  1. Heather says:

    You should always write about what you want!

    I keep telling myself I will reread the series before number seven, but I haven’t taken the time to yet. I’m rather enjoying spending the part of my day that I don’t have to work doing absolutely nothing. This is my last summer as a kid and I plan on enjoying it! 🙂

    Happy house sitting! I hope your semi-sinus-ness gets better!

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