Topeka Flooding Pictures

Here are some cool sunset pictures I took of flooding at the edge of town last night.


Which is your favorite overall? And, between the two ones of the sunset with the trees (first two) which one do you like better?

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10 Responses to Topeka Flooding Pictures

  1. Drew says:

    Second for both answers. I enjoy the controlled rule of thirds that is asthetically pleasing. the first is a good picture but the tree is set a little too far from the third line. I also like the third picture because of the leading line effect that the tracks have as they lead you to the horizon and the setting sun. All of the pictures are excellent.
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  2. Heather says:

    The first one makes me feel lost, alone, and like I’m running out of time or am trapped, but at the same time, oddly peaceful. The second one is absolutely gorgeous- it’s almost safe-haven-like. Does that make sense? It’s like an environmental comfort zone where I can be perfectly content and all is well with the world. The third one is great too- I love, love, love pictures with roads, railroads, linear directional devices of any sort. It reminds me of all the places I still have to go, everything I can look forward to, and everything I have and am hoping for; and with every moment, every breath, I’m a little bit closer to the marvelous end.

    To your questions, I must say the second two tie overall (though I’m leaning toward the third), and the second one definately is the best of the first two. They are all wonderful though. Your pictures always are.

    Bare in mind, however, I’m not exactly qualified in any way to make a real critique- I can only give my humble amateur reaction and opinion.

    Sorry, I don’t have an inspirational quote. 🙂

  3. billy says:

    1st picture out of the two… actually I’m going by drews 3rds rule too, but I like the tree being far tot he right as opposed to right in the middle like the second picture has. its simplicity works for me, the second has too much of the trees.

    3rd overall, perspective is always interesting to the viewer, as it creates much more depth in the shot. it’s good, but would’ve been AMAZING if the sun was lined up with where the tracks came together. of course I know that’d take some planning to be there at the right time. where’d you take this picture anyway?

  4. David says:

    I took these just off of second street, on Goodell road/bridge area. That might not mean much. It’s just about a mile away from my house.

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