Tennis; Congrats Cole; Shrek the Third

I went and played tennis with Billy on Friday night! (Sorry this is a delayed post.) I hadn’t played tennis in a year…ever since last season ended. Surprisingly I did pretty well, and thanks to Billy and his help I’ll probably be back for next season better than I left a year ago. Hopefully Bass will hire me up as doubles #1. I dunno though, I’ll have to do some working!

Congratulations to Cole for getting his project working awesomely. He hasn’t posted about it yet on his blog, so I’ll link there once he does and leave the details to him (since it’s his project).

Amy and I saw Shrek the Third last night, and it was pretty dang funny. I don’t think it was as hysterical as the first one, but it was better than the second one. The plot has some interesting and funny twists. Go see it now! We have yet to make it to Spiderman 3 or POTC 3. Are these good?

Thats my compact update for the day. Enjoy your uncommercialized Memorial Day?

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5 Responses to Tennis; Congrats Cole; Shrek the Third

  1. billy says:

    can’t wait for next season now! should be awesome, I’m sure. especially if you make 1 dubs. spiderman 3’s really good in my opinion. haven’t seen pirates yet.

  2. katie says:

    SPM 3 is okay. good effects, but he gets realllllyy weird in the middle…and the sandman character is unnecessary. but whatever.

    yeah, i suppose running for some, but a lot choir/stuff i pick up watching other people, usually adults, who can’t control themselves…you’d be suprised. 🙂

  3. Maggie says:

    POTC 3…well, all my friends thought it was good, not so much me. There’s just wayyy too much going on. The entire first hour and a half of the movie, I had only small ideas about what was going on. Some funny parts, really good visuals, but it was too jumpy. SPM3…ok. Crummy dialouge, and the plot was kinda weird there, but again, good visuals.
    I’m just excited for HP. Both.

  4. Joel says:

    For the Pirates movie.. I agree with Maggie, there were about 19 plotlines going on at the same time. I understand what they were trying to communicate, but I just stopped caring about the characters. Its decent: don’t expect it to be the cure to cancer.

  5. Heather from London! says:

    Pirates was a good movie, I just don’t like the way it ended the plotline. And it was kind of hard to follow at parts. But that’s okay- no worries. Minimal impact on my life. 🙂

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