Deep Poetry?

Stranded by my own uncertainties,
Lost in my selfish insecurities,
And hoping I’m not the only one
Unsure of the dark days to come,

Corruption of a comradery,
The loss of a mutual sympathy,
A complete lack of consideration today,
Causing pain in every unimaginable way,

Oh no more comradery,
Oh the end is today,
Oh you and me so cloudy,
Just throw it all away,

It was once comforting comradery,
It now ends; sorrowful soliloquy.

Stay tuned for more deep poetry from David. Or maybe not.

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5 Responses to Deep Poetry?

  1. Heather says:

    How is “deep” defined? What qualifies something as “deep”?

  2. FADI says:

    the individual qualifies it as deep and it does not matter. the eye of the beholder. end of story. period.

  3. Helen says:

    You are scaring me!! Please stay in touch, cause when you hurt—I hurt too!!!

    Very profound poetry—you got it:~)

  4. billy says:

    dude David writes poetry? since when? not only that, it’s totally uncliche and it rhymes well and flows well. how come you don’t write lyrics for us, too? anyways, very nice, me gusta mucho.

  5. David says:

    I’m not a poet – I just have rare inspiration, and when it happens I just try my best.

    I like this poem a lot – but it really had some interesting ramifications…something kind of like cutting a bullet out of flesh to be healed 🙂

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