The Great Storm Is Over

I bet everyone was wondering if I’d ever post anything worthwhile here again. Here we are:

Today is Sunday, April 29th. The past month (at least) has been very eventful. To sum it up:

1. Drums – I got a I rating on my solo, Tribute by Jeff Queen, at both regionals and state. I extremely relieved that that is over…

2. School – Three and a half weeks till summer! But, until then there are a couple of annoying things at school going on right now. My history class is totally bogus junk. We’re taking a field-trip to the Truman Library in Independence, MO, and I’d really rather not go – one because I’d miss AP physics, and two I just don’t appreciate that class, that teacher, or what we’re “learning.”

3. Summer – I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking up as many drum students as possible for the summer. With performing my above-mentioned solo at the combined elementary band concert, I probably already have more than a few kids and parents ready to take up lessons. I don’t think I’m going to hunt out a job, since I’ll be gone 4 weeks during summer. I also don’t really want to pick up a job, because I can’t see myself, nor bear the thought of, working somewhere that has no relation to what I want to do with my life – drums. So that leaves lessons or working at a drum shop or music store. I’ve already checked into the music store stuff, and no one in the area is looking for summer help…sigh. So anyway, anyone want drum lessons? Seriously. Let me know.

4. College? – I signed up for a account a few days ago, to begin “shopping” for schools, scholarships and internships. I’ve probably already said this before, but the schools currently on my radar for sure are Washburn, North Texas and UMKC. There are many others that are minor possibilities. I may discuss this in more depth in a later post, if anyone cares to hear.

5. Prom was last night! Dang it was great! Amy and I went from her house, to my house, to the lake, to my church, to each of her grandparents, and to her workplace, all before going to eat dinner at the Ramada Inn, which was fun. At the Ramada we took some pictures, and had an AWESOME dinner. I learned that I love ceasar salads! The actual prom was smaller than I expected but still really cool. It was fun seeing so many people there with dates and friends, and it felt like we were all there as a group of slight-to-good friends. There was no “bad-aura” between people in the air, nor a large presence of “clique-ness” that you usually see at dances. Post prom was great too. Then breakfast at Amy’s, with James and Betsy was delicious and hilarious as well.

Man it’s been a good, but soooo busy, few weeks. Thanks for reading! Comment me!

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5 Responses to The Great Storm Is Over

  1. Heather says:

    Actually, I did wonder that. šŸ™‚ Congratulations on your 1!!! You mean you don’t like “learning” either? But no- I actually do learn in that class, I just don’t like to admit it. Fastweb is great. The end on that topic. I’m glad you had a good time at prom! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see pictures! šŸ˜€ See you at school!!!

  2. Verger says:


  3. Katie says:

    caesar salad? do you know what is in caesar dressing? I love it, but just to make sure…

    very good, david. look who’s all grown up! šŸ™‚

  4. Cole says:

    I bet everyone was wondering if Iā€™d ever post anything worthwhile here again.

    … am I’m still wondering…

  5. Maggie says:

    your post reminded me of this whole college thing…man, time goes by fast. I know Sarah Brower is going to UMKC to study opera, and the conservatory there is pretty good, from what I hear from my dad. Nice job at state!

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