This is a neat photo. My room was absolutely pitch black (pictblack) when I took this photo…the reason its so bright is because I used a shutter speed of like 25 seconds. Pretty cool huh? Thanks for checking me out!

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4 Responses to PictBlack

  1. Cole Mickens says:

    Tripod? If not HOLY SHEIT

  2. David says:

    lol I can stand as still as a mountain.

    Haha, yeah I used a tripod…and also I forgot to mention (but maybe it was sort of obvious) NO FLASH.

  3. Heather says:

    That’s really nifty!

    The picture reminds me of those activities where you look at the picture for thirty seconds and then try to answer questions about it.

  4. Cole Mickens says:

    My daddy bought a NEW CAMERA. Its HAWT.

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