Tonight’s Sunset


It was a beautiful sunset tonight! As I was driving home from my drum lesson at about 7.15pm, I saw the opportunity to drop by home and quickly grab my camera and go up to the Tecumseh RD bridge to catch a few photos. I took about twenty, but this was my favorite, seeing that there weren’t any power lines in the not-too-distant foreground.

As always, I love feedback!

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3 Responses to Tonight’s Sunset

  1. billy says:

    very cool. I like how the three staggered phone lines kinda lead the eye back up into the sky…

  2. Kodi says:

    Obviously you really love taking pictures with your new digital camera. You had to have taken some pictures in New York; hint hint.

  3. Alan says:

    – i feel like every time i leave you a comment it’s alywas the same .because your work is consistently UH-MAZING! simply gorgeous. gorgeous girl, gorgeous lighting, gorgeous location. so in love with your style, mariola!

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