Grace Cathedral Organ


This is the organ at my church…well the keyboard parts. This picture shows about a third of the stops (right), 4 of the keyboards (there is a fifth, the pedals, played with footsies!), and a whole bunch of cool buttons. I just enjoyed this shot. If I could change one thing in the picture it would be to dim the glare on the wood in the very top right corner. Let me know what you think?

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  1. billy says:

    yes… it’s definitely a good picture. but being an artist, do you mind if I critique a little?

    first of all, the ( I think it’s a clock?) on the right side of the picture takes away from the shot a little bit. sometimes small things that don’t relate to the subject can take away focus. the brown corner of the organ on the bottom left also takes a little away as opposed to having the keys of that row actually flow out of the picture.

    and speaking of focus… I don’t know how versatile your camera is, but having a large depth of field (everything in focus) can be less interesting than maybe having it blur as you get farther back, or the opposite, depending on the photographer’s taste and just what looks better.

    besides those minor things, I would encourage you to try different angles… like really different. this shot, though cool, no doubt, looks like it could’ve been shot by anyone. do something crazy, like get really close to the keys so they start really big and then get really small, or take the shot from the top center of the organ (if possible, lol), things like that… without actually being there, I can’t give too many other creative ideas.

    anyway, you don’t want to do what I tell you, these are just artistic suggestions, basically you want to find your own cool ways of twisting a normal shot into something different, showing an ordinary object in a way people haven’t looked at it before. that’s essentially what good artists do. keep up the photography! it rocks!

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the tips…seriously!

    Have you ever had the little idea to just sit in a very small area for 30 minutes and try to come up with as many awesomely creative pictures as you can? Its fun, but I didn’t have time to do it at church that day…but I hope to soon. I could take infinite pictures there!

  3. billy says:

    heck yeah man, that’s like the best thing about photography! I like to take one object, preferably a less common one and see how many ways I can position it among other things or in different positions. ever tried black and white photography? it really helps you focus on lines and tones and shape and how they work together in different images.

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