Organization and Motivation

No organization= no motivation. Four day weekend = no motivation. At least for myself.

Yesterday I spent about 4 hours cleaning and rearranging my room. This included boxing up a bunch of junk, tossing piles of old school papers, sorting through old CDs, and shuffling my bed, drumset, dresser and entertainment center around the room all at once. Let me tell you, I slept gooooood last night.

So this morning I have continued my little rampage of organization and rearrangement, by moving my AP Physics junk into a new notebook (with pretty dividers!). I’ve also tried to catch up on my schoolwork, but a couple things are giving me a bit of trouble:

1. AP Physics – with a lab about electric field, reading from the book and questions to answer, my mind is going “ugh.” Usually I don’t have too much trouble with it all… I guess I’ll just have to grab my small bit of motivation and make the best of it where ever it arises before school in two days.

2. Model UN – My stupid resolution about establishing an international universal system of measurement got accepted for debate. That basically means I’ll have to make a speech in front of like 50-60 nerds, then answer at least a minute of their questioning. We’re having a practice session on Wednesday (2 days from now), so I need to get my speech and material all worked out. 🙁

And in other news!

1. Talent Show Prep THE TALENT SHOW IS THIS COMING SATURDAY, FEB 17 at 7.00p.m.!!!! I got back the information on the order of the show and lengths of acts, so I’ll let you in on a couple of secrets! I OPEN the show! That’s right, some good ‘ol drum banging to wake you up for the rest of the evenings talents. Also, they limited me to 3 minutes, even though I signed up for 5 :(.

2. Academic Pep Assembly Prep – Me being the computer nerd that I am have been selected to compile clips from various movies, to be shown at the academic pep assembly on Feb 21st. The theme is racing and cars and whatever, so The movies I have so far are Talledega Nights, Blues Brothers (for the car chase scenes), The Fast and Furious, and Speed Racer. If anyone has anymore movies I could borrow to add, that would be awesome! Also, what do you think are the best scenes from the aforementioned movies to make sure to include?

Input is always welcome. Thanks!

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  1. Heather says:

    Whoa, we have an MUN practice session? Argh. My resolution on international adoption laws got passed too and I haven’t even thought about my speech.

    I cannot wait for the talent show! You have no idea how excited I am!!!

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