The Da Vinci Code: Fuel for Discussion

I’m hoping that many of you will take this opportunity to discuss this amazing novel. I just finished it about twenty minutes ago, and am awestruck by the genuis of the plot. PLEASE DO NOT READ ON UNLESS YOU HAVE FINISHED THE BOOK……………………………
I’m pretty convinced by many things in the book. For example, the proposed idea that Jesus was married, I believe. But when it was proposed that Jesus had a child, and that his descendants are alive today, I was a little less convinced.

As for the location of the Holy Grail, in the museum? Sounds totally bogus to me. If Jacques was a real person ( is he? ) then that might be a semi-rational assumption…considering he was the curator of the museum, and the one to hold the position of Grand Master at the turn of the century.

Also, what does everyone expect from the upcoming movie? I’m hoping it’ll be as well plotted as the book was…And I think the actor choices will be interesting.

Also here is the Wikipedia entry for the book…BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS!

I need to keep thinking…but comment and ponder what is fact or fiction, believable or unbelievable.

‘Till next time:

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9 Responses to The Da Vinci Code: Fuel for Discussion

  1. Cole Mickens says:

    dude. its fictional. Its not that the author thinks or wants you to think that there was a wife or living survivors, but it explains and kind of throws doubt on the church.

    It shows how certain ideas COULD HAVE been forged…

    thats all I’ll say for now

  2. Cole Mickens says:

    BTW: Tom Hanks? wtf?

  3. David says:

    *clears throat* Forgotten Gospels

  4. David says:

    …The over 80 or whatever gospels that weren’t accepted for the Bible. Many of those talked like Jesus was married to Mary.

    Did you read the book? lol

  5. Cole Mickens says:


    Do those really exist?

    If so I would love to see/read them

  6. Betsy says:

    There is really going to be a movie. Wow! I didn’t know that where have I been. Oh well. I think that there are some things that could be believed in the book… like David said Jesus being married and things like that… but there are also many things that are really far fetched. Some things like the secret society is really actually true. I think that they way the book was written made it seem like it could actually be true… but I think most of it was made up. I loved the book though!!!!!

  7. Amy says:

    Well…this has nothing to do with anything. But a lot of the “secret society” stuff is mentioned in National Treasure. I’m not sure what I believe in the book, if anything at all. There’s so much to process and so much new information that is totally different from what I’ve known my whole life! grr.. Who knows?

  8. maggie says:

    Da Vinci Code is a reallllly good book. Action/adventure/philosophical mystery. I read the whole thing in one day, I couldn’t put it down. Some of the arguments are very convincing.
    I hope the movie doesn’t suck.

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