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Billy Back on Board

Check out his blog – it is teh sexy! Billy Gates

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Getting Things Done and Hipster PDA

The past week or so has been full of interesting stuff. I requested (and received) a book from TSCPL calling Getting Things Done by David Allen. Yeah, its one of those get organized books! Ha, I already consider myself pretty … Continue reading

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Picture Makeover

If you click on the picture category in the right side menu (or click here) and observe all the photo posts. I had a bit of free time, so I went back and checked out my posts that contained pictures, … Continue reading

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Christmas 2006

Well, it has been a great holiday so far! I will first outline the gifts I gave…so as to make me look like a nice person of sorts: 1. Digital Picture Frame *to parents* –

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Homemade Digital Picture Frame

Homemade Digital Picture Frame. Yep, thats it. That is what has eaten up my free time for the past month…since the day before Thanksgiving. Cole and I decided to make these near the beginning of November…and we finished them up … Continue reading

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Some Kids Playing the Halo Theme!

This is a great video. I frequent the website its on…because the guy usually has interesting posts. (Thanks Cole for the heads up) forgetfoo – Kids Play Halo Theme Another great one here…some really awesome pictures that make me really … Continue reading

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Kit Constructor and My Drumset

Check out this Kit Constructor! Its really cool…and I made this totally cool mock-up of my current setup. Keep in mind I don’t really have any money at all…the ride and china are hand-me-downs from my brother, while the mics … Continue reading

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Cars vs Computers

I got this funny bit of email today… For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives, read on. I guess it is supposed that Bill Gates compared the … Continue reading

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Awesome Stop Motion Drums and Piano Video

Daaaaang!!! This is awesome! I love it! hVG_esC-rgA

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Band, Tech, Jazz, Musical

In this post: 1. District band auditions (also choir and orchestra) 2. Thunderbird (not Shawnee Heights) 3. Desktop Image Switcher (awesome!) 4. El Jazz 5. Once Upon a Mattress 1. District band auditions…a day full of waiting, practicing and dealing … Continue reading

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