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Coin Counting

For the past year or so I’ve been grabbing random change around the house and tossing it into my headlight bank. hehe, We had to replace the headlight housing on our car, so I got the old one, complete with … Continue reading

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Christmas 2006

Well, it has been a great holiday so far! I will first outline the gifts I gave…so as to make me look like a nice person of sorts: 1. Digital Picture Frame *to parents* –

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Fake Moon

Here is a nice little photo I took with my new camera (more on that later)… [photopress:Amy_and_David_Christmas_06_20.JPG,full,pp_image] You know the routine…I love comments! Thanks for looking!

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Homemade Digital Picture Frame

Homemade Digital Picture Frame. Yep, thats it. That is what has eaten up my free time for the past month…since the day before Thanksgiving. Cole and I decided to make these near the beginning of November…and we finished them up … Continue reading

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Kit Constructor and My Drumset

Check out this Kit Constructor! Its really cool…and I made this totally cool mock-up of my current setup. Keep in mind I don’t really have any money at all…the ride and china are hand-me-downs from my brother, while the mics … Continue reading

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My Brothers Sexy Drums!

These are my brothers drums. We set them up on Sunday and shot some really nice pictures of them outside. They are Pearl Masters. Reaaaallly nice! Click one of the pictures to see the rest in the gallery! [photopress:jasondrums1.JPG,full,pp_image][photopress:jasondrums2.JPG,full,pp_image] Let … Continue reading

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Paper Drumset

This thing amazing. It’s made from balsa wood and paper. I’m left wondering how many hours it must have taken to make. Too bad it isn’t playable! [photopress:Newblogpictures3054.jpg,full,pp_image] ^Read about it^ So right now I’m busy ripping drum CD’s to … Continue reading

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Drumming Mods

I have come up with a few helpful things while drumming. Here are some pictures:

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Rare Cat Pictures!!

Most of my friends know that my cat, Pistol, is extremely shy when people visit our house. Most of the time it is hard to get a picture of him because of his non-stop action. AND the dog is with … Continue reading

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New Old Pictures

These are from Ryans graduation party, back at the end of may. I guess I just forgot to post ’em, and stumbled upon them looking around today. Ryan’s Grad Party Pictures

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