Pilgrimage Pictures

Hello all! I’m back from England (as of last Tuesday) but have been very busy with marching band marathons, church stuff, etc and haven’t felt much like posting anything. I’m sort of written out at this point…I wrote 13 pages in one sitting on the plane home from London. mmm That was good!

Anyway – here is the pilgrimpictures website – http://pilgrimage.wingerson.us/pilgrimpictures – my 800 pictures are up, as well as a few hundred from my dad. Hopefully others will add too. Anyway – maybe I’ll post up more stuff once marching band marathons are over and my mind/body can function again. hehe.

Till then – happy trails or something.

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2 Responses to Pilgrimage Pictures

  1. Katie says:

    punk, you got to meet david flood.

  2. Maggie says:

    if I would have known you were going to meet david flood, i would have given you my picture to give to him. just so that, when i’m a superstar, he can say that he knows someone who knows me.

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