The 4 Day Weekend and It’s Goodness

I’ve been planning this update for a few days. As in saying to myself – I will update in a day or two and include this, this and this:

-Barnes and Noble
-Four day weekend
-etc etc etc etc

Barnes and Noble – I hit up this place during the four day weekend for a while. I didn’t really plan on buying anything, but was just looking to kill some time getting a hold of a couple interesting books. One was “All About Blogging” or something like that. It had some mediocre info about blog content and writing for readers…stuff like that. It also talked about content ideas, audio blogging, and video blogging. I’m interested in getting into audio/video, because a) audio and drums are cool, b) video lessons and drums are cool, and c)it would just be cool. Though, for now I’m too busy to dive in, spending an hour planning, shooting, and editing a video every week or so. heh, I would be lucky to churn out one a month…though that would be better than never I guess.

Neewollah – The band kicked some royal butt. Seriously. Right everyone? The band received all one ones of course…just as we had at all our competitions this year. But better than that we won the 5A division! Out of like, what, 7 or 8 bands I think (maybe more). We were also right up there in the league of Lawrence High, the 6A winners (our shows were both written by THEIR director (luck you-know-whats). But we were satisfied…our goal was to win 5A and we did. Joy.

Four Day – was nice. It was basically just everything in this overall list I have. I’m more interested in everyone else’s?

School – I remember that I had some stuff to mention about school…but am having trouble remembering exactly what it was. Ohhhhh thats right! My agenda…I lost it again. I guess this whole memory thing of mine is wearing out. But luckily, I found it once more. This time I left it (and a notebook) in Trigonometry. I found it all after worrying over it for 6 days. Argh…I think I should probably just surgically attach my agenda to my arm or leg or something. haha.

Etc, etc, etc – more on this later 🙂

Thanks for reading. This update was just sort of a conglomeration of a lot of little ideas. Comment about your weekends or any opinions you may possess regardly my horribly boring life and blog…and my hopeless attempts to feel important by running this blog 🙂

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6 Responses to The 4 Day Weekend and It’s Goodness

  1. Heather says:

    Congratulations on Neewallah!!!! I’m so proud! (even though I have absolutely nothing to do with band…)

    I heart B&N. ’nuff said.

    Four day weekend- oh yes, I slept. And I got to go to the KU game for free. I could go to the KU v. KS senior day one, but that’s one of the best debate tournament weekends of the year. Oh, and I got a letter from some something-or-other addressed to me, but with your name on it, so that was fun.

    lol. One of my friends told me I should surgically attach my Bible to my arm. (that was back when I carried it in my hands as opposed to doing what makes a bunch more sense- that amazing invention called a bookbag)

    I’m glad everything is going well. This whole not having you or Amy in any of my classes deal isn’t very fun. I saw you guys a lot last year, especially second semester (which I really enjoyed because I got to know you better), and this year has been like David and Amy drought (or maybe famine…). Grrr, high school. Oden!

  2. Kodi Low says:

    Glad you had fun. I basically slepts and played video games, and playes drums; like I always do on my days off.

  3. Kodi Low says:

    Oh shoot, I added an s to slept and replaced a d with an s in played. You should have a delete or edit feature on our comments.

  4. Heather says:

    I second. I feel so stupid when I realize I made a typo. 🙁 Oh well. I guess it’s a good thing these comments have no real bearing on anything important in our lives. 🙂

  5. Maggie says:

    I told you LHS was amazing. Haha.
    Nice job winning 5A, though.
    So, Bishop Katharine’s investiture is Saturday? It’s crazy…you coming to St. David’s to watch it? I dunno if I am or not.
    See you

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