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Well, its not really a sub blog, but its my new, second blog. Since I’m feeling like I don’t want to bore technology and percussion enthusiasts with my personal life, I’m making a new blog devoted only to that:

Check it out, if you have any interest in my private life!

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  1. Matt says:

    Hi!!! Very nice design, by the way!!! I think … What do you think about my?

  2. Elaine says:

    Many many qutlaiy points there.

  3. Ahmed says:

    I never thought I would find such an everyday topic so enhlarlting!

  4. erections says:

    Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to action.

  5. Ben ik wel met jou eens Maaike, ik heb maat s of m en dat is altijd snel weg in de sale. Ik ga me niet in en xs proppen of rondlopen met een slobberige L. Ik heb denk ik ook gewoon het geduld niet om dingen die mijn maat niet zijn toch gewoon te gaan passen

  6. http://www./ says:

    dit :Ahahah j’adore, je suis sûre qu’il a trouvé ça absolument charmant.Et 5 minutes de conversation avec toi suffisent pour savoir que tu n’es pas teubé :d Merci, t’es chou. En tout cas, je me console en me disant que j’ai été hyper fine et spirituelle les 5 minutes d’avant ! (ou pas)

  7. http://www./ says:

      RuneGratulera! Eg visste du kom til Ã¥ greia det. SÃ¥g iallefall sterk ut dÃ¥ eg prata med deg. Du fÃ¥r ta ei øl for meg og. Neste gong køyre eg same opplegg som deg med tid i Amsterdam ETTER løpet og ikkje før.

  8. http://www./ says:

    it was forged. Guess MSNBC thinks that if they keep on insisting it's debunked, therefore, it is. They all sounded desperate and on script. Wait till Sheriff Joe brings up identity theft and the stolen SS# that belonged to Harrison J. Bounel, a former boarder in Michelle Robinson Obama's home when she was growing up. They're going to have a canary over that one. O'Bummer assumed the SS# shortly after Bounel died and SSA said they never gave it to him nor do they duplicate #'s, nor did it pass E-Verify.

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