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It seems as though I just advocate everything I write about. I never seem to write many negative things. I jump on everything and see the positives first. Then I regret telling the world about so many good things, then realizing that there are a few things that are very wrong things.

So what? Here I go again 🙂

So first off: Do you use Gmail? If not, you should. Now I said I will usually find something and call it good right away, then gradually find the bad? Well, with Gmail I’ve never come to the negative part. So ask me for an invite, and you will recieve one. And keeping on top of your mail is about to become easier…

Second: I find it a hassle to sit down at the TV and scan the channels looking for the weather, or getting online and searching for a good weather site. Well thats about to become easier…

Third: Would you like to stop relying on my website for interesting quotes and words? Well…you won’t ever have to come back…

Fourth: Movie times are hard to find. Honeslty, nobody wants to look through all the newpaper articles and ads to find movie times. And when you get online you may have trouble finding a site. Yes, this will get easier too….

I introduce to you Google Homepage!!! YEAH! Pretty shweet. You can have your own personalized homepage, with Google search on it, a preview of your Gmail inbox, weather for your area, movie times, quotes and words of the day, and news. And its all in a VERY easy to understand view. Its easy to manipulate and add your own content, etc. Google Homepage will also wipe your tush, vaccum your house, check the oil on your car, and give you back massages. I’m not even kidding. Seriously.

And here is a halarious love song about Google!!!

So check it out! And check out sacrosanct

The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.
– Henry Kissinger

‘Till next time

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5 Responses to Google Homepage

  1. cole mickens says:

    Nice. Even better 😉

    Google is opening up the API which means that anyone can make a “widget” for the “personalized homepage” to do w/e you want!

  2. David says:

    hmm that sounds intersting….

    what kinds of things could you do with it?

  3. cole mickens says:

    I have NO idea 😉

  4. cole mickens says:


    actually it really is much cooler. its my new homepage.

  5. David says:

    hmm looks interesting…

    is there an option to change that UGLY background? eck.

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