Holiday Endeavors and Thoughts

Happy Holidays everyone! My Christmas yesterday, was alright. Not the most gift filled, but it was still good. So the past couple of days I’ve been busy with some interesting stuff:

1) Drum Lessons! With my main man Aaron T. I haven’t had a lesson for 4 months, and now I’m finally going to be getting better again. ALSO, I found out from a family friend, that their son asked for “drum lessons from David” for Christmas! So I’m going to start teaching lessons in January. Ought to be quite interesting.

2) Algebra II – Even though we’ve finished the darned semester, Betsy, Heather, and I still have a chapter to compact. Hopefully I can figure things out alone over the holidays.

3) The Da Vinci Code !!! what what! I’m almost halfway through, and this thing is amazing. On this post, anyone that has read the book and wants to discuss, go ahead and comment about it. I wish there was some way to restrict it to only people that have read it…:-)

4) Good vs Bad Procrastination – This is for Billy and Cole 😉 . Here is an interesting article. I found it very true, but not very helpful. ?Why is some procrastination good? How can I procrastinate good?” These questions were -kinda- answered.

5) The Band – Kyle, Ryan, and I had a practice the other day, and we’re laying out a plan. I don’t know how much good it will do, because they’re going to be heading off to college after school’s out. Thats going to stink. But anyways, we’re combining our influences, and are hopefully going to start writing some music, rather than just ruin other bands’ original songs with our covers.

6) Holiday Shopping – Today I’m heading out for shopping for a few friends…taking advantage of the after Christmas sales :-). I’m glad our little get-together is a few days after Christmas, just so I can get a chance practice some thriftyness and think longer on what to get people.

7) 100th Visitor – Coming up! Very soon. My counter, if you were wondering, doesn’t count page views (counting EACH visit someone has made). It counts UNIQUE visitors. Yes, every single one of you are unique. So, if this counter only counts unique visitors, that means that 100 completely different people, or computers, have seen my site…maybe 50 times each…but it only counts once per viewer. Though sometimes, IPs and other technical things change, so that number may not be exactly accurate. So it’s VIEWER counter, not VIEW counter.

So since I usually try to avoid personal tales on my site, I apologize for this terribly individualized post! Here are a couple good quotes to make up for it:

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” – Henry Ford
“We need a president who’s fluent in at least one language.” – Buck Henry
Milo and Oooooohhhhhh-dis. (Thanks Amy)

And of course, words for the people:
1. benefaction
2. jollification

Thanks for reading…and comment!

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  1. cole mickens says:

    nice. I love your blog now that you have lots of comments. I can’t wait until Wed 😀

    interesting article on procrastination… I’m gonna stop doing it.. it leaves to much to chance and my forgetfulness.

    anyways… happy holidays… hope y’all had a good few days…

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