hmm…Craig’s List

Ever been to Well check it out.

It’s a HUGE classified kind of site, started by a guy in San Francisco area. It’s filled with job listings, housing, community activities, lost and found, personals, services, discussion forums, and everything else under the sun, sorted by city.

The only problem…no Topeka. There is KC and Witchita….but no dang Topeka. Maybe us Topekans can start an uprising and get Topeka on the board? Start listing your everything!

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3 Responses to hmm…Craig’s List

  1. Cole Mickens says:

    1) Stop moderating comments you homo
    2) ever heard of ebay… or maybe… GASP the newspaper…


  2. David says:

    lemme see here….

    eBay is $0.25 to $25 for a listing
    the newspaper is $20 to around $60 for a listing

    hmmm maybe if craigslist (which is free) was bigger for topeka it would be great

    thats my point.

  3. home says:


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